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Though, there are more than 500 species of air plants available today but all of them are not a perfect choice. If you are in search of the right option for your home then look no further than tillandsia. These are the plants that can add color to your living areas with great ease. Individuals who really want to add more life to their rooms or living areas then these plants are the best alternative in comparison of other air plants. Though, these plants look amazing when it comes to beauty but if you really want to enjoy the presence of these plants for a long time needs to consider some points for the same.

These plants require appropriate temperature that will not be higher than 25 degrees during summer and will not be low below 15 degrees in any condition. If these plants are not keeping in suitable temperature then the leaves of it can lose their health and glow. Moreover, watering these plants every day is also essential for their good health. Additionally, exposing tillandsia plants to the sun for a long time can also be harmful for them. So, it is necessary not to keep them in the sun for long time.  Know more about Air Plants.