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Air plants look amazing and interesting. Also termed as tillandsia, they are a kind of epiphytes, which means that they can grow without soil. Sounds amazing! This is the special characteristic of these unique species. These plants generally require a base to begin their growing. Despite this, they cannot be considered as parasites. They derive all their nutrients from the moisture or dust particles found in the air. They are mainly found in South American tropical regions, but not in mountainous regions or climates in the southern hemisphere.

As compared to other plants, they require higher quantity of water, especially if they are grown outdoors in the gardens. However, do not confuse their needs with a sponge as they cannot survive in deeper waters. Sunlight is another basic requirement of the plant. Artificial light can also serve the purpose if grown indoors. But, it is advisable not to place them in excessive heat as it might burn their leaves. It is important to do a thorough research and understand how to grow them properly. These plants can be grown anywhere and everywhere, all they require is a base or a supportive platform to grow from a shoe to a shell.

Many online stores are becoming popular in terms of selling huge varieties of air plants. Online shopping is easy and simple as well. Just sitting within the comforts of your home, you can order them online and believe it or not, they would get delivered within your doorstep in just few days.

So, order them through internet and truly showcase your home beauty. Know more about tillandsia.