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Air plants look amazing and most of us love to see these plants in our garden. With over more than 500 varieties of species, these creatures hold a special importance for everyone. These tiny and formal looking plants make a great décor for our home interiors. They bloom up beautiful flowers and pups to make a unique garden to be appreciated by all.

Air plants are a type of epiphytes which denotes that they need no soil to grow and develop. Even though they require a supportive base to grow, these plants are not parasites. They derive all their nutrients from the dust particles and moisture present in the air. Native of South American tropical forests, the roots of plant are mostly used as a means of fixing itself to other accommodating object.

The Sunlight Requirement of the Plant

Unlike other plants, sunlight is an essential factor required for the growth of the plant. Place them near the window so that they can enjoy direct sunlight. In the absence of it, artificial lighting can also serve the purpose. Though the plant loves sunlight, do not place them for longer time as excessive heat might burn their leaves.

Tillandsias could be traveled and shipped well. You can purchase them from any online stores as it is the best means to save your precious time and eliminate the stress of going out in the sweltering sun. Within the comforts of your living room, you can browse innumerable websites, select the plant that suits your style and the items will get delivered within your doorstep in no time.

So, bring home tillandsias and get appreciation from all your neighbors. Know more about tillandsia.