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Tillandsia has more than 500 species and Spanish moss is the most popular one that drapes from the oak trees. You can find this family of air plants throughout South America. This genus is the largest among the entire bromeliad family. Tillandsia is divided into two groups – terrestrial air plants that have green leaves and grey-leaved air plants. Tillandsia is an air plant that grows by extracting moisture from the air and clinging to other trees. These have now become a common component in garden centers. They are widely used for developing hanging gardens. Most of them need to be mounted but some of them can also grow in medium sized pots.

You need to water these plants at least 4 times in a week. In case the environment in your area is dry, then water the plants daily till they are saturated. Bright light is also important for its proper growth but make sure that you do not keep the plants under direct sunlight. Keeping them on the sill of the windows, facing the west or east is an ideal option. Under fluorescent tubes or other artificial lighting they can grow well. It is suggested to use fertilizer that has a low nitrogen and copper liquid content. The roots of these plants serve as a support and they usually cling to cork, stone, coral and driftwood. There are only some varieties of Tilandsia that can be grown indoors and adapt to the soil. Temperature round 75 to 85 degrees is perfect for their growth along with high humidity.To know more about air pants.