Have you heard about Air Plants? These plants are quite different from the normal plants as they only need air to grow. There are around 650 types of air plants and these plants do not need the support of soil for their growth. Anyone can grow these plants in their garden and no special maintenance is required for them. They get nutrients and water through their specialized leaves. They have roots which they used to fix themselves to shrubs, trees, ground or rocks. These are native to the Mexico, southern United States, South America and Central America. They require warm weather and grow in different shapes. Some of the air plants have triangular and slender leaves while others have strap shape leaves. Most of them have funnel or tubular shaped flowers. They can also be grown indoors.

If you are planning to plant air plants in your garden or lawn, then it is necessary that you keep some important points in mind. You need to ensure that they get constant air circulation. From the late spring to the middle of autumn, it is necessary that the air plants get the required moisture. It is necessary to fertilize the plants using a fertilizer that has low nitrogen contents. Weekly fertilizing is essential. Keep the plants away from the direct rays of the sun. In case you choose a type that grows well in wild, then it is suggested to grow them in a moist temperature in partial shade. To know about the different types of air plants you can refer the online websites.

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