Air Plants One Unique Way to Style up Your Home


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Among the different varieties of plants, air plants look unique and beautiful. They are capable of growing without soil which is one sole characteristic of these flying plants. They only need one supportive platform to attach their roots to trees, shrubs or even ground. These plants are mostly found in the tropical forests of South America and other warm climatic regions.

These plants are very easy to maintain. Growing them at home or garden calls for certain essential tips. These are-

  • Air plants enjoy direct sunlight and it plays a pivotal role in their growth. When grown indoors, artificial light can also fulfill their requirement. However, never leave them in light for extended time as there are chances that their leaves might burn due to the heat.
  • Fertilize them monthly or weekly. Using proper fertilizing techniques would make them flourish well. Bromeliads are the best type of fertilizers which can be used to fertilize them.
  • Water the plants regularly. As compared to others plants, the water intake of these plants is higher. One ideal method of watering these plants is spraying.
  • Regular air circulation is another supreme need of the plant to reproduce and bloom.
  • Don’t place the plant somewhere which is colder than 45 degrees. Keep them in temperature between 9 or warmer. For their proper growth, try to keep them dry during the winter months.

So, keep the above rules in mind and decorate your home interiors with these unique looking plants. Know more about tillandsia.


Air Plants- A Unique Species on Earth


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Air plants also termed as Tillandsia is a unique plant that features the capacity to grow without soil. They are basically a part of the bromeliad family and thus are broken down into different species. There are about 550 varieties of such flying plants mainly grown in the lands of south and Central America and Mexico. 16 species of these unique plants are a native of Florida.

Talking about their growth, they mainly take their water and other nutrients through the leaf system. Very limited amounts are absorbed by the root system of the plants. The root system of the plants can more be used like wires in order to hold onto rocks, trees etc. As the plant can grow without soil, the root system is not very important, so they can be easily removed from the plant without any harm in order to mount it easily.

Some General Information about Air Plants

  • The water intake is higher as compared to other plants. They need to be watered regularly as they live in air and not on air.
  • These plants are not parasitic. They would not harm the host tree.
  • These unique plants enjoy direct sunlight, but do not place them in light for longer hours as their leaves might burn.
  • Always trim away the damaged, brown or bent leaves as this may hinder in the growth of the plant.

So, bring beautiful air plants home and truly adorn the décor. Know more about tillandsia.

Enhance the Beauty and Charm of Your Home with Unique Air Plants


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Since ages, we are surrounded with innumerable varieties of plants. They add beauty and freshness to our environment. Among different varieties of plants, air plants hold a very significant position. With over various species of plants, air plants are special for everyone. These plants look modern and totally unique and add a splendor when used as decorative pieces.

Air plants are a kind of Epiphytes which means that such plants do not need soil to grow. The plants get all its nutrients through the moisture and dirt particles floating in the air around us. Sunlight is the main factor of its growth, however, in the lack of it, artificial lighting can play the substitute. These plants enjoy direct sunlight, but do not place them in light for long as there are chances that its leaves might burn.

Mainly found in the tropical lands of South America, these plants make great addition to home décor. Beauty, uniqueness and exclusivity characterize air plants and this is the main reason why they are loved by all. When grown indoor, these plants add great beauty to your home.

The water intake of such plants is much more as compared to other plants, especially when they are grown outside in the gardens. Such unique plants also hold the capacity to grow beautiful blooms and flowers. With colorful flowers, they look even more enticing when placed indoors.

Henceforth, research thoroughly and avail air plants from a trustworthy online store. Bring home these wonderful plants and add a unique splendor to your home. Know more about tillandsia.

Air Plants- Beautiful Plants Perfect For Home Decor


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Plants make our surrounding fresh and beautiful. With among varieties available, air plants hold a significant position and are loved by all. These plants are special type of Epiphytes which require no soil to grow. Though such plants require a platform to grow, they are not parasites. These flying plants collect all its nutrients from the dirt particles and moisture present in the air.

The roots of air plants are grown only for the purpose of attachment as well as to support moisture collection. They are mostly grown in the tropical forest lands of South America. However, the mountainous and desert climates in the South hemisphere do not support the growth of such plants.

As compared to other plants, the water intake of these plants is higher, especially if they are planted in the garden. They can grow everywhere, all it needs is a supporting place and see how this plant grows from shoe to shell. To add on, this amazing plant has beautiful flowers and blooms.

Air plants when grown indoors, makes a great addition to home décor. Like other plants, light is a great requirement of such plants. The sunlight or maybe other artificial light might work well, however, remember not to place them for longer hours as there might be chances of its leaf burn.

If you too want to grow these flying plants, maybe outdoors or indoors, do research thoroughly about the requirements of the plants and make it a part of décor addition of your home. Know more about tillandsia.

Tillandsia: It is an Air Plant


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Tillandsia plant is for interior decoration. It can take root on a decorative tray and blossom on right time. It has leaves and flowers but no fruits. It relies on air and sunlight for nutrition but it also needs watering. It is a perfect indoor plant that you can keep anywhere including your dining table and study.

Keep it wherever you want but make sure that it gets fresh air and sunlight. The room where air plant is kept should be well ventilated and properly lighted by the sun. If kept in a closed room where there is no air and light then you have to provide air-conditioning to the plant and also arrange fluorescent light. It can live for days in air-conditioned room lighted with fluorescent tubes and bulbs. But if you want to see it’s full growth then keep it in an open room.

Tillandsia plant is available in the market. You can find a huge variety of air plants in the market. It can be bought online and you can find a perfectly matching plant for your home. You need doing a little research on this plant to find a matching flora for your home or office.

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Air Plants: You Can Grow Them Anywhere


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Flowers can add elegance to the interior of any home or office but growing flowers in the interior areas is a hassle as you need pots, soil, fertilizers and also you need watering the flowers. But there is no need to take this much pain decorate your interior with flowers as you can buy air plants.

These plants are natural and not artificial as you might think of them to be. They are found in woods and there are more than 500 varieties of this flora available in the jungle. Some of the varieties have been brought for indoor use. You can see the flora on the web and buy it, if you think that you can take care of it. This flora needs fresh air and sunlight. It can take root anywhere including metal, glass and tiles. You can see your indoor vegetation growing in your home and you will be surprised to see that it grows on it own without requiring anything from you.

You can buy air plants at affordable price and you can flowers that sink well with your interior decoration. You don’t need to make space for growing flora as it needs little space. For instance you can grow it on the refrigerator, wine cooler and even on your study table.

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Tillandsia Plants

Air plants: Perfect plants for indoor use



It is hard to believe that you’re unknown about the presence of such vegetation that grows on stones and trees and not on ground. But if you haven’t learned about such flora then you’ll be amazed to know about air plants. They’re simply amazing. You can grow them in your home in a hassle free and care free manner.

This flora is known as indoor plants. They need no potting, fertilizers, pesticides and even watering. It draws moisture from air and sunlight and for this reason it has to be kept in an open place where there is plenty of sunlight and freshness. But you can grow it in closed door apartments. If your home doesn’t get plenty of sunlight and you want to use this flora then you have to keep the air-conditioner running for most of the time and keep the indoor plant in fluorescent light. In this way, you can grow indoor plants in areas where there is little or no sunlight.

Air plants are used for interior decoration and it is really surprises to see that this flora sinks decently into different settings. It comes in over 500 varieties and all the varieties are available for sale.  For more information tillandsia.

Tillandsia is the right alternative for you



Homeowners use potted plants to give their accommodations a green touch but little do they know that they could achieve this objective in a hassle free manner with the help of tillandsia or air plants. This flora doesn’t need soil to take roots and grow. It grows out of soil by taking nutrition from air.

Fresh air brings moisture for this flora and sunlight provides it nutrition to survive. In this way, it grows without soil and watering. Another surprising revelation about this flora is that it comes in more than 500 varieties with every variety having its own specialties. It is colorful and it gives beautiful flowers. Keeping this flora in home would make your home look clean, green and hygienic. There is no harm in using this flora as it allows no insects and flies to nest on it. You could keep it inside to have a pleasant fragrance and see the beauty of the nature.

Tillandsia is used as indoor flora. It is just perfect for indoor use. It won’t create any hassle for you and also it won’t spoil the interior decoration you have done. The only precaution you need taking with this flora is preventing it from outgrowing. For more information air plants.

Willing to know how air plants work?



Currently, there are a number of people using air plants in their houses. There is no denying to this fact that there are a number of benefits of using these plants at home. Even though, these plants can survive on the particles exist in the air like dust, dirt, moisture and insects but sometimes they require water. In this situation, you can water them with a right amount of water as well as fertilizers. People who are really willing to have healthy plants then they need to know that how these plants work. However, this can only be done by researching all details about the plant.

In order to gather all essential information about these plants, one can easily take help of some specific books written on air plants. These books are easily available in the market and thus you can get it just by putting some efforts in finding them. Additionally, you can also avail the benefits of internet facility to fulfill your purpose. At present, there are a number of websites available over the web facilitating people with relevant information about these plants. So, what are you waiting for? Avail the services of some concerned websites in order to get relevant information about these plants. For more information tillandsia.

Decorate any special event with air plants


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If you are keen to embellish your home and you are not getting any idea what you can use for, then a very optimum choice for you is that you can use air plants. Air plants are always considered as a primary choice when it comes to embellish your home. Undoubtedly air plants are getting enormous attention amid the people, and are in huge demand. Currently air plants are also used for gifting purpose. Placing the air plants at any place of your home can absolutely change the complete look of your home. What astonish you most about the air plant is that there are some sorts of air plants that remain ever green round the year. Just because of this reason air plant becomes an eye candy for thousands of people living all over the world. For more information tillandsia.